Why Am I So Cold All the Time? 3 Reasons

Why Am I So Cold All the Time? 3 Reasons

Wrinkle In Time Quiz - Why Am I So Cold All the Time? 3 Reasons

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A lot of habitancy visit their doctor and ask 'why am I so cold all the time?' It is a natural feeling in response to a lowered external temperature, but if you find you are feeling chilly when every person else is warm then there may well be an fundamental cause. A multitude of reasons are possible, and here are some of the more likely causes.

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Wrinkle In Time Quiz

Low body weight

If you are a bit on the skinny side, or have recently lost a lot of weight, then this may well be a likely cause. The body is kept warm by muscle mass and fat content. If you are lacking in these then that well could be the theorize to your complaint - why am I cold all the time? As well as a layer of fat under your skin as insulation, muscles generate heat when they are used, so this also keeps you warm.

Raynaud's Phenomenon

In a healthy someone the response to external cold is to divert the body's blood contribute towards the internal organs in order to keep them warm and to constrict the blood vessels supplying the extremities. However, if someone suffers from this phenomenon, the response is far more pronounced than normal, causing the fingers and/or toes to turn white or blue. habitancy with Raynaud's are sensitive to even the slightest turn in temperature.


This is a low red blood cell count. Red blood cells transport the oxygen nearby the body to contribute all the tissues. If you suffer from anaemia it may cause you to feel colder than normal. This can be diagnosed via your doctor with a easy blood test.

A whole host of other reasons exist for why you may be feeling the need to wear extra clothing. If it continues for an extended duration of time then you may well need to seek medical advice to find out the rejoinder to your query - why as I so cold all the time?

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