Basic First Aid Questions and Answers

Basic First Aid Questions and Answers

Wrinkle In Time Quiz - Basic First Aid Questions and Answers

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Wrinkle In Time Quiz

What are the three most prominent considerations in basic crisis first aid? The three prominent considerations in basic crisis first aid are stopping bleeding, restoring breathing, and treating for shock. These are the life threatening circumstances that must be addressed even before help is summoned. It will do no good run for help if the outpatient is dead when it arrives.

Should the use of a tourniquet be part of basic first aid in the control of bleeding? The reply to that should most likely be no. The only time a tourniquet should be used in a first aid situation is in the case of a major injury such as a severed limb. Such a case would hardly qualify as basic first aid. However, the true definition of first aid should contain the idea that it is what to do first in a process that has the extreme goal of salvage a life. So, when a tourniquet is the only way to stop the bleeding, it is first aid by definition.

Do you have to be licensed to achieve Cpr? This reply again touches on ethics. It is a good idea to take formal training and be licensed for Cpr. In a exquisite world everybody would know how to do it. Many jobs and positions require a license. If you are faced with a man who is not breathing, and no one else is there, the question of a license is not significant.

Why is rehabilitation of shock a basic first aid consideration? Shock is the body's reaction to trauma. It is a life threatening condition. The two prominent steps in the rehabilitation of shock are holding the outpatient warm and lifting the feet. The lifting of the feet is as simple as placing a blanket and rolled up coat under the feet. Since these two things are so easy to achieve quickly, it should all the time be addressed in first aid.

How much training is required to achieve basic first aid? The most basic law of first aid can be taught to whatever very quickly. On the other hand, no estimate of training would be carefully too much by whatever in a position where basic first aid might be their responsibility. This would contain pretty much whatever from parents to doctors.

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